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26-12-2010 22:41
sorry for saying twice.
26-12-2010 22:51
помогите, пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему: Моя любимая телепередача.

05-08-2015 11:25
26-12-2010 23:10
ребят хелп нужно сочинение на тему кремль)
очень прошу)
27-12-2010 01:30
люди, помогите, может кто-то знает сочинения на тему my wish(es)&))
очень надо!!
27-12-2010 15:18
Привет! Если Вам нужна помощь, пишите мне на мыло runovshina@rambler.ru. Вам - помощь, мне - практика))
27-12-2010 18:12
помогите пожалуйста завтра сдавать сочинение на тему :зима(на английском)
27-12-2010 22:36
Winter is the season of the year when it is snowing and it's colder than in any other season. We have to wear warm clothes such as furcoats, scarves, or something less warmer that is depends on the place where you live. For example, there are countries where there's no snow in winteer but only rain so they wear raincoats instead of furcoats. They aren't used to snow and if it suddenly falls they will be very surprised and excited at the same time. It's unusual for them. On the one hand they are happy watching the snow but on the other hand the people who drive always have problems as the roads become too icy for keeping on safe driving. Nevertheless they slow down their cars and move with the speed of a pedestrian, I guess. So for some people winter is an ordinary season if it is talked about snow and cold weather but for the others it's not usual to see everything being covered with the white substance they've hardly seen in their lives.

05-08-2015 11:25
28-12-2010 14:31
Помогите написать сочинение на тему Телевизор:что хорошего, что плохого
28-12-2010 17:03
оч надо сочинение по английскому на тему моя любимая музыка 11 класс . Буду очень благодарна!Пишите на dariya.eremeeva@mail.ru
28-12-2010 18:06
Hi everyone
29-12-2010 17:01
срочно нужно сочинение на темы:
,,что будет через 50 лет?"
или ,,что было 50 лет назад?"
29-12-2010 19:39
What will be in fifty years - nobody knows. And predictions which are made by different people don't look like being very much believed in. Fantasts living in different times wrote about a man flying to the space, robots being everywhere and they expected it to be in our time, where we are living now. But it isn't so exactly, not completely what they described in their stories. So perhaps, it will be in fifty years or maybe it is required more time to achieve such things. But now technics and technology are developing very fast, much faster than it was, for instance, ten years ago, not saying about the time of one century ago. One technology is changing another and the time between changing is shortening. So it can't be said surely what will wait us in fifty years, it's beyond the human to predict that in our time, I suppose. So, the time will show exactly.

05-08-2015 11:25

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