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09-03-2011 21:05
блин... всеравно не то!
10-03-2011 15:03
Помогите написать эссе на тему hat are we going to do with all this litter? есть тема и проблема токо сам написать не смогу не получается . Fine people who litter: If people know that they will have to pay if they litter, they will stop doing it. и можно как раньше написать завтра сдать уже нужно.

30-07-2015 11:09
10-03-2011 17:36
plz выложите у кого есть сочинение на тему weather in Belarus (погода в Бел.)буду очень благодарен
10-03-2011 17:52
нужно сочинение на английском языке.тема моё любимое животное
10-03-2011 18:01
блин помогите пожалуйста написать проек по английскому языку про зиму очень надо зарание спасибо
10-03-2011 20:28
нужно сочинение плюсы и минусы компьютера или телефона!!!!!!!!!
оооочень надо))))
11-03-2011 10:41
помогите пожалуйста нужно срочно сочинение на английском на тему что нито про субкультуры панки готы рокеры и всё такое...*******

30-07-2015 11:09
11-03-2011 15:56
люди,помогите найти сочинение про конфликты в семье
11-03-2011 17:22
Народ, если надо кому сочинение "Моя любимая книга", копипастьте текст ниже. Короткий, но все основное.

My favourite book

Actually I don't have any favourite books. I think also that it's a foolish device - a book. Who, do you think, wrote a first book? "A lazy dude", which had no idea what to do.
My younger sister likes to read very much. She often buys a bottle of beer, ask her boyfriend to come and they go to her room together and read books. She says that they already read about one hundred and three books, can you believe that? That is such a waste of time. I would rather go to club or watch TV.
But my parents are not agreed with me at all. They say that if you don't read books, you'll become a plant. They are so strange sometimes, these adults. I think that is because they were born in USSR - at that time people were reading much and because of that got a little bit crazy.
I don't think that books are playing a big role in human life. I think that TV and internet are much more useful. They give you all kinds of information and here you can also find new friends. And what about book - it's so boring. You have to think about the story and about another things which come into your head, that is awful.
Just decide for yourself - do you want to be a silly conservative person? If no, close the book.
11-03-2011 22:36
помогите прошу на одну из тем очеь надо, срочно...
1.We only need a family for comfort and protection.
2.Sharing feeling comes after sharing a meal.
3.Privacy is impossible in an extended family
4.Too much caring is annoying.
5.Mutual respect can substitute for love in a family.
6.Trust is more important for a happy family than any other feature.
12-03-2011 21:11
Tragedy in the storms ... Pushkin I stand by the huge window behind which a raging storm, gusts of wind throwing snow in the glass, howling shrill and plaintive. Seems to have mixed up the earth and sky and drowned in the general chaos of snow and wind. In this weather, do not want to leave the warm shelter, and unwittingly poezhivaeshsya imagining lonely passers-by on the empty dark street. But then comes almost a crazy thought, but not whether to go outside, face the wind and snow, feel the fury of the storm. Quietly go out into the corridor, dressed and slipped out into the yard. Wind-bully throwing snow in the face, tearing the floor jackets, but the soul somehow becomes a joy. I try to go against the wind. Yes, in life we ​​must not hide from the difficulties, and boldly go to meet them, conquer their weakness, indecision, fear and insecurity in their own abilities. "Road by walking." From the window everything seemed terrible, but now I become unbridled joy. I go in defiance of the elements, but all good comes to an end very quickly: Mom discovers my absence and was driving into the house. It is necessary to "confront the other elements - the ignorance, and I sit down for lessons.
13-03-2011 16:38
помогите мне нужно сочинение на английском языке на тему окружающая среда

30-07-2015 11:09

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