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24-12-2008 00:59
сплиз плмогите!!!нужно завтра сдавать сочинение про любого русского писателя!!плиз народ позитива минимум уже часа 4 лажу в нетике и всё безнадёжно!!!
24-12-2008 16:52
всем привет!
помогитеее:((не могу написать сочинение на тему я первокурсник....пожааалуйста!

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25-12-2008 19:02
Надо сочинение на тему Для чего я изучаю английский!!!
25-12-2008 22:32
Помогите пожалуиста1!!! Напишите сочинение: My best friend and I
28-12-2008 20:23
09-01-2009 18:00
Приветик всем !! С прошедшим!!
Помогите !!Надо сочинение на тему Wonders of the modern world
09-01-2009 18:30
Анюта ,Есть про Битлз
About this legendary band it is written so much, that on that score it is hardly possible to do the serious adding to known.
The group of "Beatles" appeared in Liverpool, Great Britain, in 1959. Initial composition: Half Makkartni (1942, bass-guitar, guitar, vocal), John Lennon (1940-1980, guitar, vocal), George Kharrison (1943, guitar, vocal), Styuart Satkliff (bass-guitar), Pete Best (shock). The direct heirs of American rock-and-roll of 50th "Bitlz" firstly almost were not known outside native Liverpool.
Vividly expressed, they were "rescued" by Germany, where they left in 1960. In one of the Hamburg clubs "Beatles" began to work for 8-10 clock in days for a very modest pay, while on them did not pay attention very known then English rok-n-roll'schik of Toni Sheridan. In the total "Bitlz" became his accompanists and wrote down the studio album of "Toni Sheridan and Bitlz", from which, on clear reasons in relation to copyrights by Sheridana, it is not accepted to begin bitlovskuyu diskografiyu.
Sheridan smuggled out of "Beatles" on international show-orbit, and with 1961 of their business went off independent appearance. The proprietor of shop of phonograph records Brayen Epshteyn, which since and on long years became a manager and simply other and by the helper of great four, zainteresovalsya the autumn of the same year of "Bitlz". In December "Beatles" suffered drastic alternations in composition: Satkliff went away, and they became what by him and it is fixed it was to become - by a quartet. Makkartni finally commuted on bass-guitar, and Epshteyn engaged in the searches of writing down company. Firstly he dropped in on in "Decca", but it was there said no him, and a consent was given then by a not popular company "Parlophone". However, the head of "Parlofona" George Martin made a condition: to change a drummer Pete Besta. The fans of "Beatles", hearing about it, were very dissatisfied, but a decision was accepted, and in the documents of rok-istorii appeared the name of Ringo Starra is entered (Richard Starki, 1940).
First author singl of "Beatles" under the name "Love me do" was written down on "Parlofone" in December of 1962th, and debut album - at the beginning of 1963. A disk plugged in itself at once three international hits, and to 1964 bitlomaniya overcame all of earth, and the group of all of times and people began an ascent to the top of popularity. In 1964 "Beatles" was taken off in a movie "Evening of difficult day", which it was composed to.
An author duet Lennon worked actively - Makkartni, and for a year a collective, as a rule, had musical material minimum on two giants. The characteristic was formed at this time, instantly knowable "firm" bitlovskiy saund.
1965 and 1966 years were characterized by itself traction of "Beatles" to the conceptual texts, and the melodic of songs of band attained authentic perfection then, and all began to understand that it from God. On the concerts of group nothing inconceivable was in those years created: this was the real hysteria of delight, frenzy of ecstasy with the fainting fits of admirers and crush at stadiums and concert halls, accepting new idols.
It is possible straight to say that in this situation "Bitlz" accepted a faithful decision uniquely: they practically gave up large concert measures and devoted the further creation the reserved studio work. The looks of musicians changed to the world: they as though shifted off rose glasses and those ulcers of modern earthly society, which until now were for them zaretushirovany their youth and dizzy success, saw. Some from "Beatles" appealed to untraditional east religions (Lennon and especially Kharrison endowed enormous part of the profits on building of temple of Krishny in England). Studio work brought the garden-stuffs which in regard to great "Beatles" do not seem casual not at all, In 1967 a monumentally-innovative album was written down "Club of be single hearts of non-commission officer Peppera", which gave a direct shove to appearance in rok-muzyke of such genres as apt-pok, хард-рок and psikhodeliya. Suffering depression Brayen Epshteyn was poisoned in this most fruitful in a high-quality relation period the superdose of medicine (the version of suicide took a place during an attack, but hundred-per-cent proof is not present). Now the actions of band pass to the hands of producer of "Parlophone", sheltering in the difficult first years, to George to Martin.
Recovering from happening, "Beatles" went back to the favourite work and soon taken off in another film - "Magic, Recovering from happening, "Beatles" went back to the favourite work and soon taken off in another film - "Magic,
mysterious trip" (1967). Two months of interruption followed then, which another masterpiece of band - double "white" album of "Beatles" was written down after. The album of 1969 of "Abbey Road", adopted so in honour the London street on which many anchorwomen took a place the English studios, appeared the last considerable work.
There are the personal disagreements in the same pore
between the participants of great quartet
attained the apogee (especially between Lennonom and Makkartni) and at the beginning of 1970 of "Beatles" officially declared disintegration.
Each of former participants of legendary four did a solo career afterwards.

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15-01-2009 16:23
люди помоготе мне до завтро нужно два небольших сочинений на тему мои зимние каникулы!на английском я зыке!
gossip girl
15-01-2009 18:42
помогите пожайлусто!нужна тема "you are asked to be "teacher for a day" at your english lesson !!!!!!!!!
Пожайлусто ,может кто-то пожет!!!!!
аська - 472565198
15-01-2009 18:53
помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!очень срочно нужно сочинение на тему::::как твои родители относятся к твоей учебе???(((((((((((help me!!!!!!!
gossip girl
15-01-2009 19:00
помогите пожайлусто!нужна тема "you are asked to be "teacher for a day" at your english lesson !!!!!!!!!
Пожайлусто ,может кто-то пожет!!!!!
аська - 472565198
17-01-2009 13:49
у кого нить есть сочинени A sound mind in a sound body пишите в маил dvj_bazuka93@mail.ru оч надо

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