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05-05-2009 17:47
люди, срочно надо сочинение про хиппи !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ПОМОГИТЕ
05-05-2009 18:26
Катрина щас немного занят, но если срочно надо топик поменьше, могу сам придумать, пиши на ящик nothing7@mail.ru

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06-05-2009 06:29
люди нужно на англ яз письмо про зимние каникулы
06-05-2009 14:26
привет! у кого-нибудь есть сочинение на англ языке моя будущая профессия врач
07-05-2009 10:01
Люди дайте пожалуйста сочинение о любом выдающемся человеке
07-05-2009 12:18
I have prepared a report about famous writer from Great Britain.
Robert Burns
Robert Burns a well-known and popular Scottish poet, was born in 1759.
Robert Burns was born in a poor family of a farmer.
There were seven children in it.
Robert was the eldest.
His father William Burns was a farmer and Robert had to help his father.
His father loved and understood people and Robert learned from father to love people, too.
His mother had a very good voice and shi sang songs.
She knew many folk-tales and told them to her children.
At the age of six Robert Burns went to school, because his father wanted him to be an educated boy.
Robert Burns read a lot.
He was fond of reading.
His favourite writer was Shakespeare.
At the age of 15 he began to write poems.
He wrote about people, about everyday things.
The heroes of poems were the heroes of his mother’s stories.
In 1776 the Burns moved to another town.
Robert wrote poetry and organized a society of Young people where all kings of moral, social and political problems were discussed.
In 1784 his father died and Robert had to work on a small farm, but his farm brought him disappointment & misery.
In 1791 he had to sell the farm.
He became an officer.
The young poet felt the unjustice of the world where landlords owned the best land.
His protest is showed in his poems.
Robert Burns published his book “Poems”, when he was 27 years old.
He wrote about kindness & honesty of common people.
Burns took part in making a book of old Scottish folk-songs, writing words for many melodies.
Robert Burns wrote the words of the song “Auld Land Sync”.
Scottish people sing this song, when they celebrate the 1st of January, New Years Day.
He died in poverty in the age of thirty-seven in 1796.
His poems are know & loved by people all over the world because Robert Burns glorified a human being.
07-05-2009 12:25
How I spend my winter holidays
I’d like to tell you about my winter holidays.
As for me I like winter holidays very much, because they are rather long and very funny.It’s so nice to have a rest from school.It’s usually very cold in winter.There are much snow and strong frost in winter. But this winter was not usual.There were not frost, snow and cold.
I hadn’t opportunity to play hockey, to skate, to ski, to play snowballs and to make a snowman.That’s why I think that winter was not real.In spite of it I had a wonderful winter holidays.This winter holidays began on the 30th of December and ended on the 16th of January.
It was nice to stay in bad a bit longer and not to hurry anywhere.I spend much time with my friends.
Sometimes we went for a walk, sometimes we stayed at home and watched TV and played computer games.On holidays our basketball team went to Kremenchug on competitions.Every day after games we went for a walk in the town.There are a lot of places of interest which we visited.I enjoyed my traveling.On my winter holidays I celebrated the New Year Eve, Christmas and Old New Year.
There was New Year party in our school.
It was very interesting and funny.
Before New Year I with my sister decorated a New Year tree with toys and lights.I think that New Year is a family holiday.That’s why I celebrated it with my parents and sister.We had a big dinner with a wide selection of tasty food.When the clock struck 12, we drank shampane and wished each other “Happy New Year.I was happy to get presents from my parents.On the 7th of January my family celebrated Christmas.This holiday symbolize the birth of Jesus Christ.It is religious origin.So people usually go to church on this holiday. Christmas traditions are observed in my family. That’s why my mother prepared a festive dinner, which contained 12 dishes.They were milkless and meatless. It is a custom that the main dishes on Christmas are kutya, varenyky, holubtsy, salted fish and others.Most of dishes are national and special; they contain many fruits and vegetables.
Before Christmas I went to my relatives and broad them a “Holy supper.There are some other festivals in Ukraine such as Old New Year, which is celebrated on the 14th of January, and epiphany, which is celebrated on the 19th of January.We are lucky to celebrate New Year Eve twice.In whole I am satisfied with my winter holidays.I had a good time and rest.

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07-05-2009 17:47
Народ!!! Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему "Моя любимая программа"))))) Всем заранее спасибо)))
07-05-2009 18:24
Тоня тебе про ТВ-Шоу или про софт?
07-05-2009 19:37
вот про мой любимый Южный Парк

Television plays an important role for everyone in modern society. We can’t imagine our life without interesting movies and TV-programs. So I sit in front of television at leisure.
One of my favourite Tv-programs is the South Park.It’s a cartoon. The central chatacters are four guys: Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman. They are just 4th-graders. South Park is is also culturally relevant with its surprising stances on many controversial issues in today’s society. In many episodes from recent seasons, the show depicts the fictional town as being divided between the “red-neck conservative” and “hippie liberal” factions, or the adults drastically overreact when something bad happens.Every time it’s up to the kids, mainly Stan and Kyle (who are based off of the show’s creators), to provide the level-headedness and logical thinking to fix the situation.Take, for example, the episode “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow,” made in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.In this episode, a large beaver dam breaks and floods the town of Beaverton, leaving the citizens of Beaverton stranded.Much like what happened with Katrina, the people of South Park were too preoccupied with trying to figure out who to blame for the flood instead of going in to help save people.There are more episodes like this one that focus on issues such as gay marriage, hate crimes and religious and racial tolerance to name a few.They all have the same basic message: people today are ridiculous.We are too busy fighting each other, trying to reveal each other as idiots instead of doing what really matters and working together to fix our problems.If anything, this show teaches us to laugh at ourselves and brings us down to earth by helping us realize how ridiculous we can be.The show has taken a lot of heat in the past because of the way they make fun of people, such as liberals, conservatives, gays, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, blacks, whites and Hispanics.The way they lampoon everybody and anything just reminds us that no one is perfect. So after hard working or studying day, I advise you to sit in front of your telly(TV), relax and switch on South Park. You won’t regret.
10-05-2009 10:01
Про себя и про моего лучшего друга сочинения на английском)help me)
11-05-2009 13:57
помагите пожалуйста!нужно краткое сочинение на тему"какой экстремальный вид спорта тебе нравиться,какие в нём минусы и плюсы!

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