Сочинения на английском языке

16-10-2009 15:43
ааа...нужен рассказ на тему "эмо" помогите плиз
18-10-2009 12:34
Помогите написать сочинение "Как понимаете лидерство" на английском языке не менее 500 знаков. очень срочно нужно. Спасибо заранее.

30-07-2015 03:02
18-10-2009 15:25
нужно сочинение на тему интернет на английском .помогите плиз
пишите сюда.freemail93@mail.ru
18-10-2009 19:37
нужно сочинение "моя идиальная школа"
20-10-2009 15:37
Помогите моя будущая профессия врач на англ
21-10-2009 20:41
Пожалуйста помогити надо срочно сочинение на тему:You are now in the eleventh form.Soon you will graduate from school.Looking back:
What advice would you like to give to younger pupils about school life?
What are you goals to improve yourself in you future life at university or in your career?
22-10-2009 17:07
помогите пожалуйста! нужно сочинение на тему " почему важно изучение английского языка"

30-07-2015 03:02
24-10-2009 12:39
напишите пожалуйста соч-е на анг.языке на тему моя любимая музыка или моя любимая группа!!! предложений 12-15! заранее спасибо!!
24-10-2009 18:45
помогите пожалуйста,мне нужно на английском про героиню Жанна Дарк
24-10-2009 21:13
Приветик))) людишечки мои любименькие...помогите написать сочинение на английском языке на тему:"Как я провела лето" оч срочно нужно...мой емайл nastya.shashkova@rambler.ru
25-10-2009 12:07
I’d tell you about future school. Of course, this school will be unusual. School should be pleasant for pupils. I think this school will be very big, beautiful. Maybe 5 or 6 floors.
It’s location must be in the center of our town. I think, there must be subjects, that you can pick up by your choice and every pupil must choose the subject, which he wants to study.
There should be a lot of activities, as billiard, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, dancing and many other sports.
Of course, there must be a lot of lessons with using computer technologies.
There should be very friendly atmosphere between pupils and teachers, teachers must be friendly, good looking and smart.
Every week there must be night party with a lot of food and drink. It maybe a boarding school. I think, this school will be very popular! =)
26-10-2009 11:59
Помогите найти сочинения на английском языке =))Срочно
Вот из етих хоть одно:
1.Do you prefer natural communication or communication through the Internet?
2."Children dont learn anything if they use computers a lot".Express your viewpoint.
3."You can find more information on the Internet thain in the library ".Agree or disagree with this opinion.
4."In the near future school teachers will be replaced by computers''.Agree or disagree with this opinion.
5.What do you do to make someone fell welcome in your home?
6.When do you smile at someone ( somathing) ? Why ?
7.Do you do whatever you want ? Yes,no.Why?
8.Do young people today make good use of their leisure time?
9.Does money bring independence?Yes,no.Why?
10.Every generation has its own favourite music and people should be tolerant to each others tastes.Do you
agree with this opinion?

30-07-2015 03:02

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