хочу общаться на английском

  • буду рад поддерживать общение на разные темы.
    моя icq - 416612875

  • хочу общаться на английском

  • и я хочу.обыскала весь интернет, а как общаться будем?

  • We invite everyone who wants to practise English with native speakers to join our English discussion club! We meet in small groups, weekly and talk-talk-talk! Only in English! No homework, marks and tests! For details e-mail me albonda@mail.ru or call 8 925 822 82 03 (Alex). We are in Moscow. New participants are always welcome!

  • Hi! Please help me! I am writting a report about sport now!What do you know interesting

  • Kate, you know) so big topic it is)
    So, i can underline only some points you should dwell upon)
    Role of the sport in our everyday life)
    The most popular kind(s) of sports)
    Famous sportsmen and their life(how it affects people all over the world) The item is very interesting since you are able to talk about role modals in the sport and so on)
    Problems of modern sport(are they being solved?)
    Big salaries of some famous sportsmen( is it good or bad?)
    E.G. I think that there is nothing disadvatages in the great amount of money spotsmen earn becouse they work hard....)
    Something like this)))

  • Sorry) there's no disadvantages)

  • Hi! please ring me up 89265414577!!!

  • Натали Olga where are you from for a start ;)

  • Help me please. My Englishe is bad, but his needed for my work.