хочу общаться на английском

  • Hey, who wanna speak with me in english, u are welcome. My mail adress is dv1606@mail.ru. Just add me on ur mail agent

  • Hi, I will be happy to communicate with everybody who is interested in English. My name is Valentina and I am 35. Here is my e-mail valentina-viktorova@lenta.ru

  • Hi! My name is ALina, I am 16. I would like to practice in English. Please, add in my skype munecabrava9.
    P.S Level intermediate

  • Hello! My name is Liza! I am 13! I am want writing with English girl at 12-14 years old. I am study English at school. Write me! :)

  • хочу общаться на английском

  • Welcome to everybody!!! ICQ 604535509

  • Hi I am from Kazakhstan and I also look for person for practice my english in a written form. For so boring to leanthe rules ))))

  • Друзья!
    Приходите в наш разговорный клуб английского по скайпу и будем общаться каждый день!
    Наш скайп - english-speaking-club.
    Есть группа в FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/432141246839133/. Там подробней про темы и расписание

  • Hello everybody...How it's going ? i got a some troubles with own speaking english...i looking for someone just to talk and can't do it for a long time already... I really got a tired of the same russian and kazakh dialogue...Ohh sorry, i'm from Kazakhstan, my name is Arstan also i'm training to be an interpreter and attending to additional courses..is there any body who has an advanced level..for your information my english isn't at the right level yet.Here's my email a_1411@mail.ru..Please write me...Thank you ahead of time)

  • my name is Meline,I speak English badly.Help me