прилагательное или причастие 2?

  • the markets in one of the world's largest and most sophisticated centers.
    sophisticated прилагательное или причастие 2? Спасибо

  • Hey!
    I'd say it's a past participle used as an adjective.
    There is such an adjective Sophisticate (or sophisticated). Check out the example below:

    So truth, while only one supplied the state,
    Grew scare and dear, and yet sophisticate.

    But since the word itself (sophisticated, that is) was originally formed from a verb, I'd stick to the original idea of a participle.

    Check out this as well:
    They purchase but sophisticated ware.

    Above the sophisticated is a past participle.

    Now let's look at your case:
    most sophisticated centres...

    I say it's a past participle used as an adjective:
    причастие, используемо как прилагательное - определение то бишь.

  • I'm sorry, I didn't get it... What's a "причастие 2"? Does it stand for past participle?
    Is there a "причастие 3" coming soon? hilarious :-D