To hell with English

  • Скажите мне как правильно писать приставки -не-, когда слитно или раздельно. С глаголом, прилагательным и всем остальным. не используйте слишком много терминов. Спасибо.

  • ))))-the only thing i can put down

  • Anyway, that's ok))) but rather unugual for this forum)))
    So, you're interested in the spelling of particle "не" with diffrent parts of speech. You must have known that "не" can be particle and prefix as well)It is supposed to be some kind of trouble)))
    However, rules of this spelling are very logical)
    Firstly, let's take the spelling of verbs with "не"-it's rather simple since we must write all verbs separatly with partile "не"
    beside the cases when a verb can not be without "не" and when "не" is the part the prefix"недо" -that's it
    E.G. ненавидить, неволить, недоделать and so on))
    All the rest i'll be able to explein only via the ICQ) in Russian))

  • zonary Thanks a bunch!
    You can explain things in Russian, it's cool with me.
    What does "неволить" mean?
    недоделать .... Is there not such a word доделать? Why is недоделать not written separately?
    What about adverbs and adjectives?