Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • помогите мне пожалуйста перевести в косвенную речь..
    Betty said"I have never been to Moscow"
    2)He said,"We became friends last year"
    3)The boy asked his frends,"Do you play tennis every day?"
    4)mother asked,"Will they teach English Literature at school?"
    5)the judge asked,"When did you invite the barrister?"

  • помогите из прямой в косвенную.
    AND i will have a milk cocktail said ivan.

  • Помогите переделать в косвенную речь:
    Pete: Hi, Constance! Glad to meet you! How are you?
    Constance: Fine? thanks. And you?
    Pete: OK/ You Know, Constance, we have recently moved into a new flat.
    Constance: Have you? Whats your address now?
    Pete: Its Flat number 7, 33 Kings Road, Our flat is large and comfortable, with all modern conveniences: gas,electricity, hot and cold running water. Weve got central heating too.
    Constance: Im glad to hear that.

  • Помогите плиз ^^
    Нужно преобразовать предложения в косвенную речь

    1)She said: "My parents are arriving tomorrow"
    2)"We will be waiting at the station when you arrive", they told him
    3)She said: " I stayed in a hotel for two weeks"
    4) Beth said: "When father comes, i shall show him my picture"
    5)"I've made some discoveries for myself today", said Meg
    6)He said: "I will take the place of the man of the family now"
    7)She said: "My grandmother hates leaving doors open"
    8)"You told me to be objective and that's what i do", said Mary to her mother
    9)Frank said to Jane: " I suppose nothing will change your decision"
    10)" I can look after myself", said the old man

  • Аделия

    1) She said that her parents were arriving the next day.
    2)They told him they would be waiting at the station when he arrived.
    3) She said she had stayed in a hotel for two weeks.
    4) Beth said when father came she would show him his picture.
    5) Meg said she had made some discoveries for herself that day.
    6) He said he would take the place of the man of the family then.
    7) She said her grandmother hated leaving doors open.
    8)Mary said to her mother that her mother had told her to be objective and that was what she did.
    9) Frank said to Jane that he supposed nothing would change her decision
    10) The old man said that he could look after himself

    Вроде так. Если есть ошибки надеюсь кто-нибудь исправит.

  • Здрасьте, переделайте пожалуйсто из прямой речи в косвенную следующие предложения
    1."When i left for England, Jane was a size 6."
    2."We should phone her parents and tell them the truth."
    3."I'll only be happy if I'm as thin as a supermodel."
    4."Why was she expelled?"
    5."I hate myself."
    6."Are you on a diet?"
    7.Do you remember the girl from our school, who was expelled last year?"
    8."We kept in touch by e-mail."

  • как долго можно ждать скажите пожалуйсто

    Tailor Swift: "I love experimenting with my hain, but I al¬ways come back to home base — curly."

    Rihanna: "The thrill in fashion for me is taking a risk. When I go shopping, I always buy something extravagant.

    Robert Pattinson: "I wear the same thing every day and I just have piles (кучи) and piles and piles of clothes and then every two years, I go to the wardrobe and see what I can give away."

    Оrlando Bloom: "I prefer comfortable clothes. I think if you're comfortable you have confidence and that leads to good style."

    Justin Timberlake: "I get more compliments when I add an unexpected item, like a favourite hat, dog-tag chains (цепи) or beat-up black military boots. I like to look ridiculous (нелепо).

    Scarlett Johansson: "I don't have a fixed idea of what glam¬our ['glaema] is. I think it's mainly about being confident and comfortable, but I have this black velvet cape (бархатный плащ) that always makes me feel glamorous.

  • пожалуйста помогите перевести в косвенную речь вот эти предложения!!!!!!!
    jane asked, " where do they dump all the waste?"
    polly said, "don't stay long in the direkt sunlight,peter"
    nelly asked, " will you help me to solve this problem?"
    chris said," i think air and water pollution is getting much wors"

  • Polli
    Jane asked where they dumped all the waste.
    Polly told Peter not to stay long in the direct sunlight.
    Nelly asked if I would help her to solve that problem.
    Chris said that he thought air and water pollution was getting much worse.