Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • 1.John said to Nellie that he had gone to Paris the year before.
    2. The chief asked me if I had met the delegation the day before.

  • To: David from: Clarence

    Hi, David, this is Clarence. Yesterday I was waiting for you for half an hour in the school band room!

  • Помогите пожалуйста!!!:)
    из прямой в косвенную
    1The officer commanded "stay where you are"
    2"is the doctor with you" she asked me
    3 she asked me "pay for your ticket"
    4 "were you afraid?" asked the captain
    5 "what's the matter with the boy?" i asked him
    6 she said, "I shall visit him tomorrow"
    7 the teacher said "don't open your books"
    8 she asked the sales girl "how much does it cost?"
    9 she said to me "put your bag on the chair"
    10 he asked me "have you been to Moscow?"
    11 they said to us "We'll be here next week"
    заранее спасибо, очень выручите, если поможете сегодня!!)

  • 1) My friends said? I like to watch TV programmes for teenagers and adults
    2) Tanya said, I have listened to poems by Robert Burns on the radio.
    3) Sasha said, I have never heard about Capital Radio before
    4)Pete said, I am fond of wildlife programmes
    5) Our teacnher said? I advise you to listen to the educational programme on the radio at 5 o`clock
    а вот эти пожалуйста очень надо

  • пожалуйста переделайте в непрямую речь:)))

    Rewrite in the reported speech:
    1. The pupil said to the teacher: " I can do my homework after dinner."
    2. The teacher said to Jack: "You work hard, I know. You are a good boy."
    3. The teacher said to the pupils: "Next year we’ll have six hours of English a week."
    4. The old man said to the girl: "You can sing perfectly. I think you will be a fa¬mous singer."
    5. Mother said to me: "I feel bad today."
    6. My brother said to me: "I am going to become a doctor."
    7. "When I get a job, I'll buy you a warm coat," said the boy's father.
    8. "If you spill the milk, there won't be any for the cat," said my mother to me.
    9. "When you come to see me on Sunday, I’ll show you my new dress," she said to me.
    10. Не said to me: "I want to see you today."
    11. She said: "I am free tonight".
    12. My sister said to me: "You look very well, much better than you looked yesterday. I think you have recovered after your illness."

  • Help me, please:)
    Cathy: "I want to become a pop star"
    Kyrylo: "Music helps people to express themselves"

  • Ann said; I lille to dance very mach. помогите перевести в косвенную речь.

  • Помогите, пожалуйста переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную:
    1. Henry: What are you going to do this evening?
    Ann: I'm going to watch the figure - skating championship on TV.
    2. Victor: What was the result of the match?
    Boris: The Army team won.
    3. Harry: Were there mane people at the stadium?
    Richard: There were thousands.
    4. Tom: Take your brother to see the match, Jack.
    Jack: All right.
    5. Nick: What do you want to do in the evening?
    Kate: I want to see the new film on TV.
    6. Ann: Where did you find the novel?
    Jim: I borrowed in from the library.
    7. Betty: What's the news?
    Kitty: My brother got married last week.
    8. Alfred: What can I do for you?
    Francis: Will you give me some interesting books to read?
    9. Rosie: May I go and play, Mummy?
    Mother: Yes, you may, dear.

  • Пожалуйста помогите!Из прямой в косвенную перевести.Плиииз!
    Mary:I don't want to go to the canteen alone.Will you join me for lunch?
    Ann:I'd love to.
    Mary:When will you be free?
    Ann:In a guarter of an hour.
    Mary:All right,then,we'll go together.
    Заранее огромное спасибо!

  • помогите , пож-та, передалать предл из прямой речи в косвенную