Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

  • 1. The teacher told us, "Copy the word into your exercise books"---The teacher told us to copy the word into our exercise books.
    2. She said ,"They will come on Saturday"---She said that they would come om Saturday.
    3. He asked me " is it true? ---He saked me if it was true.
    4. Join said " What are you doing? "---John asked me what I was doing.

  • Помогите, пожалуйста!!! Переделать прямую речь в косвеную:
    - Bob will you stay at the office after 6 o'clock on Friday.There will be an interesting lecture in the confirence hall at 6.15.
    - Yes, I will. Will Alec come?
    - No, he won't. And Peter won't come either. They are going to the Ministry holiday home. There'llbe a 2-day seminar on small business there.I think it'l be very interesting.
    - And what are your plans?
    - Perhaps we'll go to the country. We often go to the country.

  • Помогите
    She said'' i am leaving for New york tomorrow''
    He said to nick my father died a year ago

  • Помогите
    She said'' i am leaving for New york tomorrow''---She said that she was leaving for New York the next day.
    He said to nick my father died a year ago.---He told Nick that his father had died a year before.

  • i can't stand music' (Gema tells me)

  • И ничего сложного,когда глагол в настоящем времени G tells me she (he) непонятно can't stand music.

  • "Patty said(that)They`re getting married in the spring," Я думаю, что : "Patty said(that)They were getting married in the spring,"

  • Правильно думаете.

  • I've been home educated all my life and I absolutely love it! My mum teaches me, and twice a year the local school sends teachers to check that I»m
    learning properly. Home schooling is becoming popular for different reasons. Some parents believe that their children will learn better at home than in the classroom full of pupils others because the school is too far form their homes. Besides some children have health or social problems and they stay at home.Home schooling has a lot of advantages, for example when things are easy I go faster, and when they are difficult I slow down. I feel much comfortable at home. The only thing that can be a problem is that I don't have many friends.

  • И что с этим?