прошу помочь с переводом

  • Описание упражнения в американском баскетболе. Одна команда передает мяч, другая защищается. Приведены особые указания. Одно из них следующее - "On defense - man up!" Никак не соображу...

  • In basketball, "man up" means to play man-to-man defense. Man-to-man defense is where each defensive player covers (defends against) a particular offensive player. Wherever the offensive player goes, the defender must go there too. (This is the opposite of "zone defense" where every player covers a particular zone (area) regardless of which offensive player is in the zone.) So when the the coach yelled, "On defense - man up!", he was telling the team to play man-to-man defense.

  • To Michael:
    Благодарю, теперь понятно - "В защите - играть лично (персонально)!"
    Подскажите, почему в Вашем сообщении в одном случае - "...each...player...", а в другом - "...every player..?
    С уважением.

  • Sergey.... To tell you the truth, I was so busy trying to explain the phrase “man up,” that I didn’t give any real thought to whether I should say “each” or “every.” I don’t think it makes any difference, though, because in the sentences I wrote, either word would have sounded correct and natural. However, there is a theoretical difference between “each” and “every.” As a general rule, you use "each" if you’re thinking about the individual, and you use "every" if you’re thinking about the group as a complete whole.

    If you go to Google, and search for difference each every you will find many webpages which discuss the difference between those two words.