Let's have a talk about films.

  • Hi,everyone! I would like to chat in English) here is the theme i offer: tell about the most outstanding film of last years. It may be a few films of different genres.

  • Hello Alya! I'm glad to see you again! :) Hope you are doing well! Let's discuss about "Seven Pounds"("Семь жизней"), of course if you have seen it! I liked it!

  • Glad to see you,too,Al)! Oh,i heard so much about this film!..(but i didn't see it(((...what about "august rush" (although it is mostly girl film) or "slumdog millionaire"(sorry if i wrote it incorrectly), or "the imperate's club"(quite interesting)...etc

  • Could you write this film in Russian, cause it's rather different from original. But it seems I've never seen such film... let's choose some film, we didn't watch, after that we discuss it?! I know that in a few day is going to be premier of "2012" I hope I heard about one. Afterwards we can discuss, and express our thoughts to each other!

  • ok. "август раш" -you haven't seen it i suppose)))))) "Миллионер из трущеб" and finally "Императорский клуб"... i'm expecting a lot from 2012... we shall have a talk about it surely... anyway, The End of the world is not far,i believe...

  • Perhaps it's pity to hear for you, however I've just seen "Миллионер из трущеб"!! :) Nevertheless let's just wait a little more to screen "2012".
    See you!

  • Sorry for interrupting you)))
    I offer of enlarge the topic....just a little bit.)))
    Have u been watching the Big bang theory(American TV-serial)If u have, what do u think about it?
    P.S. "The End of the world is not so far, i believe..."
    No way, man)))

  • to enlarge( damn oddity))))

  • You know,i didn't mean i wanted the end...))) it's a silly way to talk! You can see yourself that there are some facts from religious writings,other sources that make people think so...

  • а по-русски?