Let's have a talk about films.

  • Alex
    I liked . You've got a really good taste to films!

  • Maximk@
    Oh, thanks a lot! :)

  • A PO RUSSKI ETO NE SUDA))))))))))))))

  • To be honest, i'm fed up with different TALKS( or sometimes GOSSIPS) about Apocalypse, The end of the world and so on) there's nothing left as to call it copmlete ........))) u'll name it)
    It's up to us to make OUR wold worce or better. IMHO, it does not depend on so-called Revelation))

  • Yea,too many people talk about this now. But for the facts i wouldn't tell anything... It's just your own point of view- not religious, a little bit depending on science...and a great deal depending on nowadays tradition of unbelieving... Well,it's useless to talk about it,thus we can't find out which of us is wright)

  • OK) and just to be clear here....)) your opinion is based on religion, isn't it?
    P.S. How many predictions the End of the world

  • ....on the millennium...!))) and it turned out that none of them came true....
    Sorry OF the End of the world-this way))))

  • Well... 1)haven't you seen the boy from dagestan with marks on his body2)about men and women who are becoming similar... Don't you see it with your eyes? It's just about islam...i don't know much about christianity..

  • No, i have not) HAVE U ever considered it to be a total falsification despite u've seen such a phenomenum "with your eyes"?
    U know it does not really matter where it comes from: islam, christianity, hinduism, judaism or even atheism..))
    it's all the same)

  • Hello!
    Did You like "A walk of remember" , "Little Manhattan" , "The notebook", "SMILE", "SIGNS" ???