Let's solve problems together!

  • i come along with Alya)
    but still it does not mean we should give up in some way(since "the problem is unsolved" and bla-bla-bla)))
    On a balance, we MUST take it into consideration and keep working upon our English) this is the point and this is the way i see it))The language environment is very important and nobody can deny it...So, we are coming to understand how to fix it up, how to create some kind of artficial language enviroment that will help us make out well.
    Moreover, one should mind his motivation( " a strong desire" as Alex put it)
    That's all for now))) let's call it a day))))

  • Hi everyone. I'd like to join your talk. I've been studying english for 1 year about. I study it myself. I haven't got practice at all. I'd like to hear opinion from you are. How much times is necessary for a good practice abroad?

  • Hi. I'll tell you from the practice my friend is having now. She left for England in July, and know she's there and she understands everything (as she is saying) and can communicate with Englishmen without difficulties. She made a quick progress because she is alone there without russian-speakers.

  • Alya, why did you use , instead of ?

  • The action is not performed usually, she is saying now, while being there... So i find it quite wright to put progressive...

  • OK.

  • By the way, please, tell me your e-mail. I'll write you.

  • аlyangel@mail.ru

  • Is it really? Alya could you tell me What was her english's level befor she left for england?

  • Ups . My message was so late as I saw