Rock in other languages...

  • go-getter
    Me too! But I also like the song Bleed it out and Runaway

  • ))And we don't even talk about the most famous one "Numb"...))

  • Yeah...
    the song NUMB is very, very ... very (I can't find the right word)))...
    "Somewhere I Belong", "Crawling", "Shadow Of The Day"... I like all of them...

  • I see some LP fans here. that's great!
    AS for me, I think that russian version of "numb" song is very bad, not rock at all. Maybe because I got accustomed to English one.
    Japanese Rock has many fans because they watch anime.
    I'm sure people never listen to J-Rock(Japanese, not Jakarta-rock) if the tracks aren't anime soundtracks.

  • Oh) really? there's a RUSSIAN version of "Numb"...)
    i have not heard about that before
    But, no doubt, it would be terrible)
    BTW, is it translated word for word?)))
    I come along with nothing 7 about japanese Rock and anime.
    From time to time some tracks seem just very good but when japanese bands start singing in broken English.....(
    it's not OK..

  • I haven't heard about it before...
    I don't think that it is translated word by word, only approximately...(((
    And IMHO, it isn't right to "re-sing" already loved songs, because when you hear the new version something "breaks in you" and you will never listen to it again(((

  • Well, translatios(word FOR word) never give positive results. Anyway, some remakes, medleys(or something like that) may be wonderful...
    For example Numb/Encore by LP and Jay-Z..)

  • Yes, MAYBE...
    But as for me, I accept new versions of the songs, which I like with great difficulty. What kind of wonderful song must it be, to be accepted by me))))
    (To tell the truth I like Numb/Encore by LP and Jay-Z, but I think it's a BIG exception!!)

  • ...and I don’t think that the translation word FOR word is the best idea of creating "new" songs!

  • И что вы нашли в этом роке???