Помогите пожалуйста (Пассивный залог)

  • А если я предложения на английском напишу вы мне их переведете в пассивный залог?:)

  • Будем посмотреть :) Кстати, А_я_не_тормоз - ник офигенный! Только с таким ником вопросы и задавать:)Пасив - это очень легко, главное один раз врубиться. Конструкция такая - Предмет+вспомогательный глагол+глагол.
    Кому не понятно?

  • Переведите в пассивный залог
    1)People have been criticizing television for being s threat to the societu recentry
    2)Television shows too much violence and cruelty
    3)On the TV screen the police?criminals and secret agents shoot people as if they were rabbits
    4)They should never run such programmes at prime time
    5)In bad-taste programmes they make rude jokes
    6)They humiliate people when they make them fight over a sum of money
    7)In political TV programmes they should present different points of view
    8)Commercials often spoil the impression of TV programmes

  • egor
    1.Television has been criticized for being a threat to the society recently.
    2.Too much violence and cruelty is shown on television.
    3.On the TV screen people are shot by the police, criminals and secret agents as if they were rabbits.
    4.Such programmes should never be run at prime time.
    5.Rude jokes are made in bad-taste programmes.
    6.People are humiliated when they are made to fight over a sum of money.
    7.Different points of view should be presented in political TV programmes.
    8.The impression of TV programmes is often spoilt by commercials.

  • 1.A product satisfies one of the basic needs of person.
    2.Choice makes marketing work.
    Помогите пожалуйста с пассивным залогом!

  • One of the basic needs of person is satisfied by product.
    Marketing work is made by choice.

  • Посмотрите плиз , все ли правильно)
    1)Do they teach Latin aat this school? (Does is this school tought Latin?)
    2)Is Tim cleaning the house? (Is the house being cleaned by Tom?)
    3)Who built the Pyramids? (Whom the Pyramids was built?)
    4)I expect they will deliver my new car soon. (I expect they will be delivered my new car soon)
    5)Did your next door neighbors see the thieves? (Were the thieves seen by next door neighbors?)
    6)A lot of children use computers nowadays. (Computers are used by a lot of children)
    7)Who smashed the kitchen window? (Whom was the kitchen window smashed by?)
    8)Jill hasn`t done the housework yet. (The housework hasn`t been done by Jill yet)
    9)Did they show the fire on the news? (Was the fire shown on the news by them?)
    10)When did the wind blow down the tree? (When was the tree blown down by wind?)
    11)Who made all these cakes? (Who are all these cakes made?)
    12)Who teaches traditional dance at this school? (Who at this school is tought traditional dance?)

  • все вроде понятно, сложно запомнить когда have been, had verb.3 и т. д.

  • I didnt receive the invitation because they had sent it to the wrong address

  • Спс!ВЫ мне очень помогли!