Ищу друзей для переписки на английском=)

  • Icq: 367159480; skype:georgeyak1; Windows Live: jakesparrov@live.ru

  • btw i am 15=)

  • Hallo George.
    I like to read English books. I can’t read original text. I read adapting text intermediate level.
    Now I read “Sherlock Holmes stories”. I want to learn German. I read book of (German text Irmgard Keun “Das Mädchen, mit dem die Kinder nicht verkehren durften“) (Девочка, с которой детям не разрешалось водиться).
    It is the Best. I had known first chapter by my heart (наизусть) near 15 pages. My German is very bad. I can’t write or speak in German. But when I am going in Moscow’s streets I am talking with virtual interlocutor (воображаемый собеседник) by phone in German. I am speaking this text. Young beautiful girls are going towards me. They are making face that they aren’t hearing my German talking. But I know they are. And they will look back at me. I like when young beautiful girls make this. I am dreaming that I am young and beautiful too.
    If you don’t tired of my talking I am glad to receive your message.
    I want to talk with your in English.
    Sincerely yours.
    Igor Popov.

  • LOL ur Too Serious Foк Meh ^^

  • Да и если можно пишите в skype, потому что в асе редко бываю!