Правильно ли моё решение?

  • 1. Open brackets using the necessary Tense and Voice Form

    1. All documents (to sign) by our Chief every day.
    2. Be attentive, you (to sign) the important contract!
    3. The work (not to finish) yet.
    4. His candidature (to approve) by next week.
    5. When the Queen (to appoint) the Prime Minister?
    6. When I came in, some papers (to sign) by the Prime Minister.
    7. When I came in, all papers (to sign) already.
    8. The Queen (to summon) the House of Lords yesterday.
    9. The bill (to examine) by the committee before the report was made in the Commons.
    10. Keep silence, the ultimate decision (to make).

    1 задание
    1.are signed.2.are signing.3.has been finishing.4.will be approved.5.will appoint.6.were been signing.7.had been signed.8.summoned.9.had been examined. 10. is being making.

    2. Change the following sentences into Passive Voice.

    1. The Speaker usually CONDUCTS debates.
    2. The Minister HAD MADE the decision before left the office.
    3. He IS SIGNING the contract now.
    4. The Chief REMOVED him from the post 2 days ago.
    5. The Commons have just REJECTED the bill.
    6. When I came in, they WERE DEBATING some points of the bill.
    7. They WILL FEAL WITH the matter tomorrow.
    8. All members of Parliament were standing when the Queen WAS DELIVERING the speech.
    9. Our partners HAD SIGNED the contract before they left the city.
    10. The Queen DISSOLVED Parliament last week.
    2 задание
    1.The debates is conductsed by speaker usually.2. The decision had made by minister before the left office. 3. The contract is being signed. 4. He was removed by the chief from the post 2 days ago. 5. The bill has rejected by the commons just. 6. When i came in some points of the will were being debated. 7. The matter will be dealt tomorrow. 8. All members of parliament were standing when the speech was delivered by queen. 9. The contract had been signed by our partners before they left the city. 10. Parliament was dissolved by queen last week.

    3. Change the following sentences into Active Voice.

    1. The new tax WAS IMPOSED by the Government some days ago.
    2. Now the treaty IS BEING NEGOTIATED by these two countries.
    3. This matter WAS BEING DEBATED by my colleagues when I entered the office.
    4. The new President WILL BE ELECTED by people in December.
    5. The diplomat has been already APPOINTED by the Prime Minister.
    6. He WAS RESIGNED by the Board of Directors.
    7. The bill HAD BEEN PASSED by both Houses before the Queen signed it.
    8. This officer WILL HAVE BEEN REMOVED from his post by the legislative body till next Monday.
    9. These rights ARE GUARANTEED by the Constitution for all citizens.
    10. The bill WAS VETOED by the President last week.

    3 задание.
    1.the government imposed the new tax some days ago.2. These two countries negotiating treaty now. 3. My colleagues were debating this matter when i entered the office. 4. People will elect the new president in december. 5. The prime minister has appointed the diplomat already. 6. The board of directors resigned him. 7. Both houses had passed the bill before the queen signed it. 8. The legislative body till will have removed this officer from his post next monday. 9. The constitution guarante these rights for all citizens. 10. The president veto the bill last week

    4. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English.

    1. Его уже удалили с должности.
    2. Сейчас дебаты проводит Спикер.
    3. Мне посоветовали уйти.
    4. Парламент был создан Королевой до ёё отъезда (departure)
    5. Скоро этот закон будет принят парламентом.
    6. Все документы были подписаны вчера.
    7. Все документы были подписаны до 6 вчера.
    8. Документы подписывались моим начальником, когда я вошёл в кабинет.
    9. Кабинет министров возглавляется Премьер Министром.
    10. Заседание БУДЕТ ПРОХОДИТЬ ПОД ПРЕДСЕДАТЕЛЬСТВОМ (to preside over) Лорда Канцлера в 10 утра завтра.
    4 задание.
    1. It have already removed from a post.
    2. Now debate is spent by the Speaker.
    3. To me have advised to leave.
    4. The parliament has been created by the Queen before its departure.
    5. Soon this law will be accepted by parliament.
    6. All documents have been signed yesterday.
    7. All documents have been signed to 6 yesterday.
    8. Documents subscribed my chief when I have entered into an office.
    9. The cabinet is headed by the Prime minister.
    10. Session will preside over the Lord of the Chancellor in 10 mornings tomorrow.

  • 1.He has already been removed from the post.
    2.The Speaker holds debates now/The Speaker is holding the debates now.

    3.I was advised to leave.
    4. The Parliament was set up by the Queen before her departure.
    5.This law will be adopted by the [parliament soon.
    6.All the documents were signed yesterday.
    7. All the documents had been signed by 6 yesterday.
    8. When I entered the office, the documents were being signed by my boss.
    9.Все верно
    10.The meeting will be prisided over by the LORD CHancellor at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.