CAE club in skype

  • We welcome you to join our club, which is created to prepare for CAE (Cambridge Advanced English exam) together. We use the textbook Gold Advanced 2015 and work on Speaking part together, try to correct each other's mistakes and write from time to time different types of essays in English. Our club was made in order to encourage each other, push each other forward and exchange useful links, discuss the difficulties and the format of the exam. Our club is completely free and there is even one real native from the UK. If you don't mind taking part in our discussions, just send a message to us, (the e-mail marfina90@gmail) with the theme of letter 'CAE exam'.
    Yours Sincerely, Olga

  • Hello Olga,
    my name is Indira and I want to join to CAE club in Skype. Can you explain me the rules to become a member of club.
    Thank you