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  • Меnоn and Sokolov greet each other.
    Sokolov says he is . glad to see Menon in Moscow again and asks his opinion about the exhibition
    Меnon answers.lt's wonderful and wonders if It's the biggest chemical exhibition.
    Sokolov informs him that over a thousand firms are taking part in it.
    Меnon says he has just seen their avilion. He says that they've made great prog-
    ress and their exhibits show it.
    Sokolov admits they are doing good business in chemical goods .
    Menon mentions that he saw their Radiator Model B-73 in operation and notices they've just started producing it.
    Sokolov confirms that it was six months ago.
    Меnon asks if It'll go for export.
    Sokolov: answers in the affirmative and adds that all l the exhibits that are on display in their pavilion are for sale.
    Мenon: says they 'd like to place an order for Model B-73.because it meets their requirements.
    Sokolov says he is pleased to hear it.
    Меnon asks when they could discuss the matter in detail
    Sokolov suggests Monday, eleven in the morning.
    Меnon answers : that suits him all right, and apologizes he must be leaving now because he has an appointment at twelve. They say . good bye.to each other hoping to meet on Monday.

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  • Прочитайте и переведите данный ниже отрывок, обратите
    внимание на перевод Раrtiсірlе I u Participle II.
    Dear Sirs,
    Your enquiry of October 12th, which we welcome, is receiving our
    attention, and we thank you for your interest in our. products.
    A copy of our illustrated export catalogue will be sent to you today
    together with a range of samples of the various skins used in the
    manufacture of our gloves and shoes. We think the colours will be just what for the fashionable trade, and the beauty and elegance of you designs, coupled with the superb workmanship. should appeal to the discriminating buyer.

    Our representative, Mr. Jackson, will be in your city next week and
    he will be pleased to call on you with a full range of samples of our
    handmade lines. He is authorized to discuss the terms of an order with you
    or to negotiate a contract.

    It will be pleasure to serve you.

    Yours faithfully,
    1. Укажите, какие из четырех встречающихся в тексте –ing форм: 1) receiving 2) discriminating употребляются а) самостоятельно, как определение; б) входят в состав сказуемого.
    2. Укажите в какой функции употреблены illustrated, coupled, authorized:
    a) Past Indefinite
    b) Причастие II в функции определения

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    Нам доставляет большое удовольствие работать с вами.

    С уважением..

    receiving ---б) входит в состав сказуемого
    discriminating ---а) самостоятельно, как определение.
    illustrated---b) Причастие II в функции определения
    coupled---b) Причастие II в функции определения
    authorized---b) Причастие II в функции части сказуемого.

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  • Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий диалог. Замените все предложения, данные в прямой речи, предложениями в косвенной речи.
    Secretary: Mr. Smirnov, this is Mr. Gray to see you.
    Gray: How do you do, Sir?
    Smirnov: How do you do, Mr. Gray. Will you sit down, please?
    Gray: Thank you.
    Smirnov: What can I do for you, Mr. Gray?
    Gray: You see, Mr. Smirnov, my firm is interested in your boilers.
    Smirnov: Glad to hear it. We can offer you different models of boilers,
    Have you seen our catalogues yet?
    Gray: Yes, I have. We require boilers, Model BL-220.
    Smirnov: I see. And how many boilers do you require?
    Gray: I belive, we can buy 2 boilers of the model. I must say, we would
    like to have the machines in July or August.
    Smirnov: Very good. We can promise you July shipment, c.i.f.
    Manchester. Are these terms acceptable to you?
    Gray: Yes, quite. But what about the price?
    Smirnov: I think we’ve written in our offer that our price is …
    Gray: Can you reduce the price?
    Smirnov: I’m afraid we can’t, Mr. Gray.
    Gray: All right.

  • Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий диалог
    Выпишите и переведите предложения, содержащие конструкцию
    the Complex Object.
    Mulki: l have seen your Drilling Rig Model B-3 in operation.
    Sokolov: And how did you find it?
    Mulki: Oh, l am quite satisfied with its efficiency.
    Sokolov: We thought you would be. We have been selling. The machines
    for the last few years and all our customers are satisfied with them.
    Mulki: The machine is certainly good. Now there are some points I’d like
    to discuss. Can you make us an offer for shipment in April-May?
    Sokolov: Yes, in how many lots would like the machines to be shipped?
    Mulki: In two lots of 5 machines each.
    Sokolov: We could ship the first lot at the beginning of April and the
    second in the middle of May. Is that all right?
    Mulki: Yes, that suits us very well. What’s your guarantee period?
    Sokolov: 12 month from the date of putting the machines in operation and
    not more than 15 months from the date of shipment.
    Mulki: We did not except it to be as short as that. We hoped to get a least
    18 and 24 months respectively.
    Sokolov: I am afraid that goes against our usual practice.
    Mulki: Please try and see our point of view. This is our trial order and
    we’d like to have a longer guarantee period.
    Sokolov: Well, if you insist, we can meet you half way and extend it to l5-
    18 months respectively.
    Mulki: Thank you. Now we’d like you to specify payment terms.
    Sokolov: You are to open a Letter of Credit within 7 days after you receive
    our notification of readiness.
    Mulki: Then I think, we can accept the terms.
    Sokolov: When will you be able to send us your formal order?
    Mulki: In about 10 or 12 days and I hope The order will lead of further
    business between our firms.
    Sokolov: Yes, I hope so too.

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    Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий диалог. Замените все предложения, данные в прямой речи, предложениями в косвенной речи.
    The Secretary: informs Mr. Smirnov, that Mr. Gray is to see him.
    They greet each other and Smirnov asks Mr. Gray. to sit down.
    Mr Gray thanks him.
    Smirnov asks what he can do for Mr. Gray.
    Gray tells Smirnov that his firm is interested in their boilers.
    Smirnov is glad to hear it and says that they can offer different models of boilers, He asks if Gray has seen their catalogues.
    Gray says he has and they require boilers, Model BL-220.
    Smirnov asks how many boilers they require
    Gray answers they can buy 2 boilers of the model and they would
    like to have the machines in July or August.
    Smirnov says they can promise them July shipment, c.i.f.
    Manchester if these terms are acceptable to them.
    Gray answers that they are and asks about the price.
    Smirnov says they've written in their offer that their price is …
    Gray wonders if they can reduce the price.
    Smirnov answers in the negative.
    Gray says it's all right.

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    Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий диалог
    Выпишите и переведите предложения, содержащие конструкцию
    the Complex Ob

    Sokolov: Yes, in how many lots would you like the machines to be shipped?

    Mulki: We did not except(expect) it to be as short as that.

    Mulki: Thank you. Now we’d like you to specify payment terms.