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    2. Выделите речевые отрезки, в которых причастия являются частью сказуемого.

    a) The scientists are inventing; the circuits had been inventing; inventing this technology he was; the device has been inventing; the engineer inventing it was; having invented this instrument they can; the designer will have been inventing.

    b) If invented this system will; the robot has been invented; the circuit is being invented; the invented method must be; the engineer had invented; he used the invented instrument; the technology invented had to; the devices were invented; the scientists have invented.

    8. Выделите речевые отрезки, в которых герундий является частью сказуемого.

    Go on inventing; this method is used for inventing; the engineer started inventing; the physicists went on inventing; the idea of inventing was; the scientist continued inventing; inventing method is necessary; they succeeded in inventing; his wish is inventing.

    9. Выделите предложения, в которых герундий является частью сказуемого.

    1. On being heated to a sufficient temperature any body becomes a source of light.
    2. Their wish is mastering the fundamentals of radio-engineering.
    3. We were all for starting the experiment at once.
    4. They knew about our having done it.
    5. The purpose of the method is determining system stability.
    6. We succeeded in simplifying the calculations of the magnetic strength.
    7. Their aim was collecting all the necessary data.
    8. Splitting the atom is a difficult task.
    9. They are for discussing this problem as soon as possible.
    10. The idea of using this technique is new and somewhat unexpected.