Проверьте, пожалуйста

  • Соmplete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the brackets using either participial or infinitive constructions.

    1. Wild bears entering urban areas are a problem, so leaving food around will certainly not (helping you to avoid) a scary encounter.
    2. Working as a volunteer in an animal rescue centre (make Sarah become) more responsible and kind.
    3. Knowing where dangerous areas are (helping tourists to avoid) unpleasant encounters with predators.
    4. Sara is (having her rottweiler to walk) with her when she goes out late in the evening for safety purposes.
    5. What (make you think) that otters have left our river? І saw them only recently.
    6. Helen (let the hedge to grows) over two metres high around her house so that the neighbours could not see her and she wouldn't see them.
    7. She bought an alarm that sounds like a barking dog. She wants (to make people believe) that she owns а dog because that may scare criminals away.
    8. Next week, she's (having the vet to examine) her kitten as it is not growing as quickly as she expected.
    9. When Oliver is in the woods on his own he does not feel very comfortable and never (let himself losing) his bearings.
    10. Now Ann wants (to get her friends developing) the same attitude to Greenpeace as she has.
    11. She thinks her company should be (outsourced someone monitoring) the effectiveness of the anti-pollution equipment.
    12. Introducing 'mosquito fish' to mosquito breeding waters (to help in reducing) incidence of malaria in those areas.

  • 1.после will-инфинитив.2.время надо поставить makes или made 3 helps 4 после have не ставят to 5 makes 6 после let to не ставится 8 см выше 9 после let -инфинитив 10?12helps. Правила надо прочитать до того, как делать, и перевести,чтобы смысл понять.