Помогите с заданием

  • Thece people like their jods.
    What do they usually do? Are they doing the same thing at this moment? Use the words from the box and put the verds in the correct verb forms.
    Данные слова : Play the piano, danse, a photographer, a pianist, sing songs (sing a song ) , play footdall, take a photo, a footdall player, write a book, a singer, a danser, a writer .
    Образец : He is a pianist .He plays the piano every day . He has played the piano since he was 7. He isn,t playing the piano now .
    1. a photographer / take a photo /since he was 18.
    2a football player /play football /for 8 years .
    3. a singer /sing songs at concert /sing a song .
    4. a dancer/danse at the theatre /since she was 6
    5. a writer /write books / work on the last book / for many years

  • ребята помогите очень надо