How about if you talk some cool English with a native speaker?

  • To John:
    Why are you so interested in Russians???

  • Hello everybody! My name is Max. I'm 20. I'm from Moscow. It's Russia.
    I would like to improve my language and to find new friends from other countries.
    My mail is
    I'll wait new letters!

  • Hello everybody! :D

    My name is Rem and I`m from Almaty (Kazakhstan).
    It was realy interesting 2 read all of your messeges, especialy at the biggining)))
    I`m here just 2 practice my english skills and help somebody 2 do the same...
    Write please, I`ll be glad 2 communicate with everybody...

  • Hello all!
    I'm from Bulgaria.
    I used to go to Russia years ago and I like watching Russia films.
    I was amazed seeing how much Moskow was changed.
    I've watched it on the film Black Lightening.
    We have many Russia friends but not Russia English pen friends.
    If you find reason to write, you're welcome.
    Your Boris

  • Hi to everyone. My namis is Alex and I am from Lithuania. I am eager to communicate with some native english speakers and to improve. Talk about anything and learn more and more :) I really hope someone will mail me :) BTW i look forward to hearing from native russian speakers as well :) I am cheerful, sensible, sensitive and friendly!

  • Arina
    To John:
    Why are you so interested in Russians???
    "John from Texas" совсем не native speaker:-) Он такой же русский, и в его английском полно ошибок и неестественных оборотов.

  • А жаль что "John from Texas" не native speaker( Нам бы не помешал человек непосредственный носитель языка

  • Blinky, эти "неестественные обороты" это идиомы omg? Поправте если я не прав! Но и соглачен с вами, что это русский! Потому что какой ему смысл как "Американцу" помогоать нам в изучении Англ.Яза, да ещё и бесплатно!

  • George
    Например, maintain some oral speech - так ни один носитель не скажет, let my apology to you, да и большая часть идиом использована ни к месту. Совсем не "чувствует" языка.

  • ааа спасибо! А Вы знаете язык хорошо! Вы учитель Английского?