conversations in skype

  • hi, my name is Yura.
    Im student from Ukraine, I also work in internet shop.
    I want to speak and study English with other people.
    Who want speak and study with me, add me in skype. my login is: yuraha18

  • Hello, I'm Natalia. Do you want to talk with me?

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  • Hello, I am studing English, and I would like to speak with someone, maybe you in English) you can find me in scype: yarislov

  • Привет. Пиши свой скайп, будем практиковать

  • Hi, I'm Natalia. and I'm 40. I've been learning English for 5 years. I' d like to improve my speaking on Skype. u-ltraviolet

  • Hi everyone. Please add me, my skype sargathanus.

  • Hello! I am Katerina from Belarus. i've studing English for all my life and i really love it.
    I have lack of practice so i'm ready to speak! Please add me in skype - pekurinka.

  • Hi, I am Elizabeth and I from Russia. I need practice. Write me)

  • )) What a shame, me is out of skype

  • Hi! everyone, my name is Ali and My english level is upper-int (my speaking to :)) ). Can i halp to upgrade speaking for anyone ??

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  • hello Ali . i am Iliya , i would like to have an English speaking partner. my lvl is intermediate, my skype is (Илуха Чиремин)