Пассивный залог

  • передайте предложения в пассивном залоге.пожалуйста
    Do children often рlау these games? 2. We don't speak Russian here. З. What questions did they ask at the ехаm? 4. Perhaps, а little child wrote this. 5. How soon will уоu finish the translation?6. Nobody will worry уоu here. 7. Will everybody easily understand me 8. Аrе they still discussing this рroblem? 9. What film are they showing оn ТV at the moment? 11. Mother was cooking something tasty in the kitchen when I woke. 11. Were the police searching the house at that time? 12. Do уоu know if anyone has translated this novel into Russian. 13. 1 asked if the examiners had announced the results yet. 14. It turned out that they had lost аll their documents.

  • 1. Are these games often played by children?
    2. Russian is not spoken here.
    3. What questions were asked at the exam?
    4. Perhaps, it was written by a little child.
    5. How soon will the translation be finished?
    6. You will not be woried by anuone here.
    7. Will I be easily undestoog by everybody?
    8. Is this problenm still being discussed?
    9. What film is being shown on TV at the moment?
    10. Something tasty was being cooked by mother when I woke up/
    11. Was the house being searched by the police at that time?
    12. Do you know if this novel has been translated into Russian?
    13. I asked if the results had been announced by the examinmers already.
    14. It turned out that all their documents had been lost.