• 3. Have you been to England? Yes, I ... .
    23. I had to run ... to catch the bus.
    a)more fast
    d)the fastest
    27. в этом вопросе некоторые варианты правильные.
    Найдите правильно написанные предложения.
    a) Makataev is a famous Kazakh poet.
    b) Arthur Conan Doyle character created his famous.
    c) Today the weather is worse it was than yesterday.
    d)Our house is located in the centere of the town.
    e) the United Kingdom comprises England, Wales, Scotland and Nothern Ireland.
    f) Every one is our country has the right for education.
    g) He is an ordinary student at school.
    h) A football fround is always green.
    30. My watch has stopped ... .
    a)is working
    b) had worked
    c) to work
    e) ticking
    f)to working
    g) making
    h) will go
    37.Primary and secondary schools together ... eleven years of study
    a) get to
    b) comprise
    c) begin
    d) know
    e) enjoy
    f) consist of
    g) include
    h) ordinary
    39. What is Selfridges famous for?
    a) lifts
    b) a lamp
    c) windows displays
    d) furs
    e) furniture
    f) shoes
    g) departaments
    h) jewellery

  • 3. have
    23. fast
    27. a, d, e, f, g, h.
    30. d
    37. b
    39. g

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