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  • Translate into Russian. State whether the ing-form is Gerund, Participle I or Verbal Noun
    Переведите на русский язык. Определите, какой частью речи является -ing- форма: герундием, причастием или отглагольным существительным).

    1. There is a conference, devoted to combating organized crime.
    2. The duties of the police are ranging from assisting at traffic accidents to safeguarding of public order.
    3. Transport police are responsible for controlling offences like exceeding of speed limits, careless and drunken driving.
    4. The group of people attracted the attention of the policemen by their loud speaking.
    5. Having received no answer from his accomplice the criminal decided to act alone.
    6. Who is responsible for the crime not having been solved yet?

  • 1. combating ---герундий
    2. ranging ---причастие 1, assisting , safeguarding ---оба герундии. Только перед ublic order не надо предлога of
    3. controlling ---герундий, exceeding ---герундий. Перед speed limits не надо предлога of. driving---отглагольное существительное
    4. speaking---герундий
    5. Having received ---перфектное причастие
    6. not having been solved---перфектное причастие

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