Прошу о помощи с заданием

  • Письменно задайте вопросы, ответами на которые
    являются следующие предложения.
    1. The boundary between Europe and Asia runs along the Ural Mountains.
    2. Yes, the Congo is situated in Central Africa.
    3. English, German, French and Spanish are taught at the universities.
    4. No, the Moscow University did not exist in the 17lh century. It was founded in the 18th century.
    5. Not long ago new deposits of diamonds were discovered in Yakutia.
    6. Yes, Perm is one of the largest industrial centres in the Urals.

  • 1. Where does the boundary between Europe and Asia run?
    2. Is the Congo situated in Central Africa?
    3. What foreign languages are taught at the universities?
    4. Did Moscow University exist in the 17th century?
    5. What was discoverd in Yakutia not long ago?
    6. Is Perm one of trhe largest industrial centers in the Urals?