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  • I. Выберите соответствующую видо-временную форму глагола.

    1. These events...great possibilities for promotion.
    а. give b. gives c. are giving
    2. Listen! The managers... money problems.
    a. have discussed b. discuss c. are discussing
    3. Our team …the competition. We are going to celebrate.
    a. have won b. has won c. won
    4. I don’t expect any delays. I am sure our suppliers ... the goods on time.
    a. delivering b. will deliver c. is delivering
    5. During our last meeting, we … a good action plan.
    a. developed b. develop c. will develop
    6. The sales manager ... a presentation about our new product in the conference room now.
    a. is making b. makes c. made
    7. This company … any factories in France.
    a. does not own b. do not own c. is not owning
    8. Business success … good managers.
    a. depend on b. depending on c. depends on
    9. Total sales … from 15% to 19% last year.
    a. rose b. rises c. has risen
    10. The factory … equipment for metallurgical industry since 1967.
    a. manufacture b. have manufactured c. has manufactured

    II. Выберите форму инфинитива (с частицей “to” или без нее) или герундия.

    1. What salary would you like … ?
    a. to get b. getting c. get
    2. We want … our colleagues for lunch in a local café.
    a. inviting b. invites c. to invite
    3. The employees of the company are ready … every possible assistance.
    a. to provide b. providing c. provides
    4. They promised … by 6 o’clock.
    a. coming b. comes c. to come
    5. She denies … work early.
    a. to leave b. leaving c. leaves
    6. The manager avoids … this issue.
    a. discuss b. to discuss c. discussing
    7. Our colleagues agreed … in this event.
    a. taking part b. to take part c. take part
    8. We insist on … a consultant to help us with this phase of the project.
    a. hire b. hiring c. to hire
    9. The boss promised … our project team in a training class next weekend.
    a. to enroll b. enroll c. enrolling
    10. The company postponed… the agreement.
    a. to sign b. signing c. sign

    III. Выберите правильный перевод.

    1. To work night shifts is dangerous for health.
    a. Чтобы работать в ночную смену, нужно иметь хорошее здоровье.
    b. Работать в ночную смену опасно для здоровья.
    2. To sack an employee one should have a ground reason.
    a. Чтобы уволить работника, необходимо иметь веское основание.
    b. Уволить работника без веского основания невозможно.
    3. To sell these goods one needs skills and experience.
    a. Чтобы продавать эти товары, необходимо иметь навыки и опыт.
    b. Продавать эти товары сложно без опыта и навыка.
    4. To enter this market a manufacturer should launch a new product.
    a. Войти на этот рынок с новым продуктом сложно.
    b. Чтобы войти на этот рынок, изготовитель должен осуществить запуск производства нового продукта.
    5. To impress customers with high-quality products is extremely difficult.
    a. Чтобы произвести впечатление на клиентов, компания должна производить высококачественные товары.
    b. Произвести впечатление на клиентов высококачественной продукцией чрезвычайно сложно.
    IV. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую структуре “Сложное дополнение” (Complex Object).

    1. I expect you … the details of the contract by Monday.
    a. studied b. study c. to study
    2. We want… to persuade our partners to sign the agreement.
    a. her b. she c. herself
    3. Everybody knows … to be a successful businessman.
    a. he b. himself c. him
    4. They heard … talk about a rapid growth rate of our major competitor.
    a. her b. she c. herself
    5. We made …concentrate more on customer service.
    a. them b. they c. themselves
    V. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую структуре “Сложное подлежащее” (Complex Subject).

    1. The delegation is reported … in London.
    a. arrives b. arrived c. to arrive
    2. Peter is considered… the best employee of the Sales department.
    a. being b. to be c. was
    3. This is supposed …the most interesting presentation.
    a. being b. be c. to be
    4. She seems … marketing well.
    a. to know b. know c. knows
    5. The manager is expected … Bill, but she has to consider all the legal issues first.
    a. fires b. fire c. to fire
    VI. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условному предложению 1 типа.

    1. If you become a CEO, you … many responsibilities.
    a. has b. had c. will have
    2. If she … this position, she will get a good pay rise.
    a. obtains b. obtain c. will obtain
    3. If they … our offer, we will have to withdraw, as we can’t afford to pay more.
    a. does not accept b. do not accept c. is not accepting
    4. If you … this week, we will give you a 10% discount.
    a. to pay b. will pay c. pay
    5. We will never break even, if they … the energy cost.
    a. will increase b. increase c. increasing

  • VII. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условному предложению 2 типа.

    1. If I were you, I … rather than wait to be sacked.
    a. will resign b. resigned c. would resign
    2. You would occupy this position, if you … a management training and leadership course.
    a. take b. would take c. took
    3. If I had the right qualification, I … this position right now.
    a. will apply for b. would apply for c. apply for
    4. If the company spent more on R&D, we … so behind technologically.
    a. will not be b. are not c. would not be
    5. If they controlled their expenses a bit better, they … a lot of money.
    a. will save b. would save c. saved

    VIII. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условным предложениям 1 или 2 типа.

    1. If they knew their target audience, their profits …
    a. would increase b. will increase c. increased
    2. If he had any spare money, he … in this startup.
    a. will invest b. would invest c. invests
    3. If you are a trade-union member, you … this service free of charge.
    a. would have b. got c. will get
    4. As soon as we start charging more for our service, new competitors … the market.
    a. would enter b. will enter c. enter
    5. If they offered me the job, I probably … it.
    a. will take b. take c. would take

    IX. Выберите соответствующий глагол, вводящий косвенную речь.

    1. My colleague… she would help me with the balance sheet.
    a. asked b. promised c. requested
    2. The Chairman of the Board … that the bonus would be paid in two months.
    a. announced b. asked c. told
    3. The head of the department … if we would take part in the forthcoming conference.
    a. said b. asked c. told
    4. They … they would submit the documents by the end of the month.
    a. say b. would say c. said
    5. Mr. Thompson … he had signed the documents the day before.
    a. requested b. mentioned c. asked

    X. Прочитайте текст и укажите, верны (True) или нет (False) следующие за ним утверждения.

    LVMH ( Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennesy ) manufacturers and sells luxury goods, such as designer clothes, watches and bags. There are several companies in the group. LVMH has 60 famous brands, such as Luis Vuitton, Givenchy, Kenzo, Donna Karan, Christian Dior. It has 1,500 stores worldwide and is expanding its network. It employs 56,000 people. Its head office is in France, but 63% of its staff work outside France.
    Sales in Louis Vuitton division rose 22% to 1.175 bn euros ($1.26bn) in the fourth quarter. Total sales at the LVMH group rose 4% to12.7 bn euros last year. Bernard Arnaul, chairman, said that the fashion an leather goods division of LVMH made “excellent progress”.
    LVMH had excellent sales because of its strong brands, store openings and successful new product launches. One of its new products, the Tambour watch, did not have huge sales but it brought customers into stores.
    Sales in the US, Japan and France were good. Fewer Japanese tourists travelled last year, but they brought more goods in their home market. Recently, LVMH opened a large store in Japan, which is doing well.
    LVMH is a creative and innovative group. It aims to impress its customers with its high quality and long-lasting products. Its new products – particularly in cosmetics – depend a lot on research and development. LVMH controls every detail of the brand’s image.

    1. LVMH’s main product is cosmetics.
    a. true b. false
    2. LVMH does not launch many new products.
    a. true b. false

    3. Sales in Japan are poor.
    a. true b. false

    4. LVMH keep the general image of the product under control.
    a. true b. false
    5. The image of its products is important to LVMH.
    a. true b. false

    6. The company’s aim is to impress its clients with the reliability of its products.
    a. true b. false

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