Это можно назвать Note?

  • Write a note to your friend inviting him/her to do something with you this weekend.
     Suggest an activity and say why you want to do it.
     Say where you can do it and how much it costs.
     Suggest a place and time to meet.
     Tell him/her how to contact you let you know if he/she can come.

    Dear Sally,

    I hope that everything has been going well for you since we last talked. I just wanted to see if you would be interested in going to the Bruno Mars concert with me next Saturday . He’s playing here in Sydney and I've already bought tickets for myself and some friends. Would you like to come with us? It should be a great evening!

    The concert is in the Opera House on June 18, which is a Saturday. You could come and stay with me for the weekend if you want. I know you like pop and R&B music and are a big fan of his so when I heard that Bruno Mars was coming to play Moscow I immediately thought of you.

    Please let me know if you can come with us, it would be great to see you again after such a long time. My new number is 5755-6676-555554

    Look forward to hearing from you and hearing all your news.

    All the best, talk soon,


    Я писала по образцу, но у меня получилось слишком много для Note, и ещё ни как не получается вставить пункт suggest a place and time to meet

    Please help me with the Task)

  • Dear Sally,
    Would you like to enjoy...concert at the Opera House on the 18th of June? I know you are a great fan of him. The price of the ticket is quite reasonable (I would like to make it a present for your coming birthday )and it would be a good chance to see each other. Let's meet at the entrance ,say, at 6 p.m., we will have time to talk.


  • Опечатка fan of his

  • А там еще что‐то. P.S.Let me know if you agree. My phone number is...

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  • Thank you so much)