Помогите школьнику, найти ошибки в грамматике.

  • 1. I feel good. But I miss for the free and hot summer days. I could sleep a lot and swim in the river with my friends. I'm glad to be back in school and ready to learn new and interesting things.
    2. yes of course I have something to tell for my classmates.
    3. I saw dolphins in the sea. They sailed very close to me. Also I made a wooden ladder for my grandmother in the countryside. it was the most exciting things what I did and saw.
    4. Actually I haven't noticed any changes.

  • Я так понимаю, это сочинение,да? Дайте текст по-русски, а то непонятно иногда,что хотели сказать.

  • Или ответы на вопросы, тогда дайте вопросы.