Detective story

  • Hello, everyone! I wrote a simple detective story. I hope it will be easy to read.

  • Yesterday morning called me my old friend Alex.
    'Hello, Viktor' said he. 'I need you help! It is very seriously!'
    'What happened!?', I asked immediately.
    'Do you work with this famous detective? Do you? I saw in the TV news.', replied he.
    'Yes. He is at home now. Moment, please. I will give him the phone.
    I was greateful that my detective-friend, Max Erstein, to came up to my and taked the phone. A few minutes he listened carefully then said, 'We will be there soon . Lock the door. No one should have to leave your office!'
    'What happened?' asked I the second time.
    'Your friend has been robbed. There was missing very important documents . I think the thief is still at office. We will go there and find the robber!', said detective.
    Half an hour later Max and I arrived at Alex's office. He opened the door for us. On his face was a wide happy smile.
    'Thank you for comming!', he said. 'Could you forgive me, gentlemens? I have bothered you. But I found the missed documents!
    As he spoke he invited us to his office.
    'My Secretary looked one more time. And she found them!'
    'Really?', Max asked him. 'What luck ! And where were they?
    'Alex turned to the young lady with long legs and short skirt, 'Where were they , Anna?'
    'Oh, I found them behind the chair. I think they fell and no one saw what it happened', the girl replied.
    'Were you not looking for them behind the chair?', Max looked at Alex with amazement.
    'I don't know', sighed my friend unhappy. 'Perhaps I have not seen them.'
    Max went to the table on center of the room and picked up a thin brown folder. 'Are these the documents?'
    'Yes! They are', Alex answered. 'Something is wrong?'
    'I don't know', the detective told thoughtfully. 'All are right ...'
    He shook the folder from side to side. Looked at it more closely. Rised it to his nose...
    'Could you say me: do you have a washing powder in this office?', he asked suddenly'
    The washing powder!?', Anna and Alex cried out at the same time. I also looked at the Max with amazement: why he asked about washing powder?
    'No! We have no a washing powder', the leggy Secretary said loudly.
    'One moment,' Alex interrupted her, 'It is we have. Under the shelves in the bathroom. Did you forget?
    'It was there few months ago. I don't think it stayed there. It is already in the trash!', the girl said with confidence.
    'It is not important' Max said. 'I happy than you found the missed documents. Can I wash the hands before we go?'
    'Yes! Of course!' Alex said.
    'I will show you the way', Anna offered fast.
    She and detective went out and I said goodbye to my old friend.
    After five minutes Max and I left Alex's office.
    When we sat in car Max turned to me and said: 'Viktor, please call to your friend and tell him that the thief is his pretty Secretary.'
    'What did you say!?', I cried out amazement, 'His own Secretary!? Why!?'
    'I don't know why, replied Max, 'Perhaps it is tragic love story, perhaps she payd competitors, perhaps is something else.'
    'No!', I interrupted him, 'Why do you think that thief is Secretary!?'
    'It was not hard', he smiled, 'After Alex called us I told him to close the door. The robber could not leave the office. And this person decided to return the stolen documents. And who found them? Next: when I piked up the folder I felt some kind of powder on it. As a soap. I smelled it and thought that was a washing powder. The robber hid the documents next a washing powder! I asked your friend about it. And saw you the reaction of the girl? Importantly: I wanted to see in the bathroom, and the Secretary went with me. Why? The bathroom is a small room and inside the door is a large mirror. So, I opened the door and in that moment suddenly began to look for something on the wall outside. Girl, thinking what I didn't see, went into the bathroom and taked the washing powder under shelves. I saw all in the mirror on door! He hid the washing powder under the window.'
    I was amazemed, 'What did you do when saw it?'
    Max smiled again, 'Nothing. I don't know why the girl did this. Please tell this story to your friend. Let him decide what to do with this information.