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  • Задание 4. Образуйте от прилагательных или наречий, стоящих в скобках, сравнительную или превосходную степень, в зависимости от смысла. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

    1. Let’s go by car. It’s (cheap).

    2. Could you speak a little bit (slow)?

    3. This bag is slightly (heavy) than the other one.

    4. Her illness was (serious) than we thought at first.

    5. It’s becoming (difficult) to find a job.

    6. My bags seemed to get (heavy) as I carried them.

    7. Since she has been in Britain, her English has got (good).

    8. That hole in your pullover is getting (big).

    9. As the conversation went on, he became (talkative).

    10. I’m sorry I’m a bit late but I couldn’t get there (early).

  • Cheaper,slower,heavier,mor serious, more difficult, heavier,better, bigger,more talkative, earlier.

  • спасибо,спасибо,спасибо