помогитее! срочно

  • Put the Infinitives in brackets into the right tense according to the rules of Sequence of Tenses:
    1.We have heard that this film (to be) very interesting. 2. My sister told me that in an hour she (to go) to the cinema. 3. I thought he (to see) that new dubbed film. 4. Mary wanted to know what actor (to perform) the lead­ing part in the film. 5. I didn't know that the show (to start) at five o'clock. 6. He told us that a newsreel (to be + to show) before every feature film. 7. My mother said that she (to like) historical films and comedies best of all. 8. She said that in fact that picture (to have) an excellent cast with N. playing the leading part. 9. Our friend said that the film (to be) very popular with the cinema-goers. 10. The usher said that the show (to begin) in a minute.

  • 1. is
    2. would go
    3. had seen
    4. performed/had performed
    5. would start
    6. was shown
    7. liked
    8. had/had had
    9. was
    10. would begin