Помогите срочно

  • Continue the stories below making use of your imagination and
    creativity in language usage:
     The expensive shops in a famous arcade near Piccadilly
    were just opening. Mr. Black, the owner of a jeweler’s, was
    admiring a new window display. Diamond necklaces and
    rings had been beautifully arranged on a background of
    black velvet. The silence was suddenly broken by the smash
    and grab raid...
     No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements. We
    are no longer free to choose the things we want. Advertisers
    discovered many years ago that all of us like to get
    something for nothing. Once my attention was captured by...
     The mother asked her daughter to do a round of shops and
    made the list of the goods to be bought. On coming to the
    Supermarket the girl realized that she had left the list at
     Though it may be possible to measure the value of material
    goods in terms of money, it is extremely difficult to estimate
    the value of such notions as knowledge, wisdom, spiritual
    comfort and many other things. Not everything can be
     The father gave to his son sixpence and advised him to save
    it. Instead of following his father’s advice, the boy went to
    the confectionery. On his way to the shop the boy dropped
    his sixpence and it rolled along the pavement...