Помогите пожалуйста. Очень очень нужно!

  • Дали предложения и необходимо сделать их по этой модели.
    He usually leaves home at 8 o'clock/( When...?)
    When does he usually leave home?
    1. mother wakes him up at a quarter to 7 a.m. ( At what time...?)
    2. They want to buy a new dictionary for their sun. ( Who...&)
    3. He studies at the Low University becouse of the family tradition. (Why...?)
    4. She often uses her father's computer. ( Whose...?)
    5. The academic year in Britain begins at September. ( When...?)
    6. Boys and girls study together at the same classes. ( How...?)
    7. Most children go to the state schools/ ( Where...?)