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  • Computers Make the world smaller and smarter.
    The ability of tiny computing devices to control complex operations has transformed the way many tasks are performed, raning from scientific research to producing consumer products. Tiny "computers on a chips" are used in medical equipment, home appliances, cars and toys. Workers use handheld computing devices to collect data at a customer site, to generate forms, to control inventory, and to serve as desctop organisers.

    Data mining
    Data mining is simply liltering through large amounts of raw data for useful information that gives businesses a compentive edge. This information is made up of meaningful patterns and trends that are already in the data but were previously unseen.

    User interfaces
    Cheaper and more powerful personal computers are making it possible to perform processor intensive tasks on the desktop. Break throughs in technology, such as speech recognition, are enabling new ways of interacting with computers. And the convergence of personal computers and consumer electronics devices is broadening the base of computer users and placing a new emphasis on ease of use. Together, these developments will drive the industry in the next few years to build the first completely new interfaces since SRI International and Xerox`s Palo Alto Research Center did their pioneering research into graphical use interfaces (GUIs) in the 1970s.

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