Attributive clause

  • Define the types of attributive clauses.
    1.Rachel had become aware of the fact that she was talking loudly. (Swinnerton) 2.He took after his blond father, who had been a painter. Rosa took after her dark-haired mother, who had been a Fabian. (Murdoch)3. What we are interested in, as author and reader, is the fact that publishing in England is now an integral part of big business. (Fox) 4.The invalid, whose strength was now sufficiently restored, threw off his coat, and rushed towards the sea, with the intention of plunging in, and dragging the drowning man ashore. (Dickens)5.He was suddenly reminded of the crumpled money he had snatched from the table and burned in the sink.6.He would speak for hours about them to Harry Esmond; and, indeed, he could have chosen few subjects more likely to interest the unhappy young man, whose heart was now as always devoted to these ladies; and who was thankful to all who loved them, or praised them, or wished them well. (Thackeray)7.I hardly know why I came to the conclusion that you don't consider it an altogether fortunate attachment. (Pinero)8.He walked to the window and stood there looking at the winter night that had finally come upon them.

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  • Relative-Restrictive,non-restrictive;appositive

  • Restrictive 13 5 7 8
    Non-restrictive 2 4 6