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  • Task 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. Eg.: 0 – on
    0 Niko really enjoys playing basketball.
    Niko is very keen … basketball.
    1 Last year, Niko was shown how to play basketball by his brother.
    Niko’s older brother … him how to play basketball last year.
    2 Niko joined a basketball team three years ago.
    Niko has been in a basketball team … 3 years.
    3 Niko practices at a stadium quite near his house.
    Niko’s house is not very … from the stadium where he practices.
    4 Niko walks to the stadium in ten minutes.
    It … Niko ten minutes to walk to the stadium.
    5 Niko’s team had an important match last week.
    There … an important match last week for Niko’s team.
    6 It isn't necessary to bring equipment.
    It is … to bring the equipment.
    7 The organizers invited bands all over the world.
    Bands from all over the world …
    8 That bike is too expensive for me to buy.
    I haven't got … to buy that bike.
    9 It's been eight months since we swam in this pool.
    We … in this pool for eight months.
    10 John said he didn't want any coffee.
    John said, ‘… any coffee.’
    1 point for each correct answer-___/ 10

  • 0. on/on playing basketball
    1. showed
    2. for
    3. far from
    4. takes
    5. was
    6. unnecessary
    7. were invited by the organizers
    8. money
    9. have swam/have been swimming
    10. I do not want any coffee/No more coffee for me

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