помощь с глаголами и формами

  • Помогите с заданием, пожалуйста. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в нужную форму, употребляя Indefinite / Сontinuous / Perfect:

    1. Nick (to do) his report already, but his fellow students (to work) at
    theirs now.
    2. It seldom (to rain) at the seaside, but yesterday it (to rain) heavily
    the whole evening.
    3. We (to go) to the library tomorrow and think we (to read) this an-
    cient book for some years at last.
    4. If a man (to know) literature well, we say he is we- read
    5. By the time we returned home, the children (to write) their compost
    tions already.

  • 1. has done, are working
    2. rains, was raining
    3. will go, will read
    4. knows
    5. had written