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  • Помогите, пожалуйста
    M o t h e r : Pete, we’ve run out of vegetables andwe’ve hard ly any bread in the house. You know, now it’s yourturn to go tothe greengrocer’s and tothe baker’s.
    P e t e : Oh, bother? Why do we have to go shopping so often?
    M o t h e r : The day before yesterday it was Nelly who did all the shopping. She went tothe grocer’s and tothe butcher’s.
    P e t e : Did she? But, Mother, girls are so fond of shopping. Let Nelly do it today as well.
    M o t h e r : Oh, you've been a lazy bones ever since you were born! It’s so difficult to make you go anywhere.
    P e t e : D’you want to make me a model boy, Mum?
    M o t h e r : I’d like to. Take that bag and don’t grumble. Buy a cabbage, a pound of onions, half a pound of carrots and a loaf of bread. Here is the money and don’t forget the change.
    P e t e : Did I ever forget it?
    M o t h e r : I don’t say you did. But you are so absent minded.
    P e t e : (sighing): My teacher says the same.
    M o t h e r : I expect you to be back in half an hour.
    P e t e : All right. I’ll do my best.

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