• Find the variants that are not correct
    21. He... have made a mistake.
    a)mustn't b)must c) shouldn't d)may
    22. They suggested... in the park.
    a) a walk b) to walk c) they walk d)walking
    23.She saw the man ... the purse.
    a)taking b)took c)who had taken d)take
    24.They ... go to London on holidays.
    a)will b)can c)should to d)may
    25. ... an honest man.
    a)it is believed that he is b)he is believed to be
    c) he believes to be d) they say that he is
    26. He will... to solve the problem.
    a)have b)be able c)be allowed d)ought
    27. If she asked, they ... help her.
    a)would b)will c)might d) could
    28. We arrived ... much later.
    a) to London b) In london
    c) at the bus station d) at the airport
    29. He was sure that he... it well.
    a) had done b) does c)was doing d)would do
    30. This doll is... than that one
    a) far nicer b)nicer c0more nicer d)much nicer

  • 21. a,c not correct
    22. b not correct
    23. b not correct
    24. c not correct
    25. c not correct
    26. d not correct
    27. b not correct
    28. a not correct
    29. b not correct
    30. c not correct

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