Помогите, пожалуйста, еще с одним заданием

  • 2. Choose the right variant.

    1. The headquarters.... by the end of the year.
    a) will have been reconstructed
    b) will be reconstructed
    c) is being reconstructed
    2. This is a large conference hall. Many meetings ..... here.
    a) are held
    b) are being held
    c) has been held
    3. The office..... later.
    a) will be cleaned
    b) has been cleaned
    c) will clean
    4. The annual report ..... a week ago.
    a) was published
    b) published
    c) has published
    5. Not much ..... about the accident since that time.
    a) has been said
    b) said
    c) has said
    6. The prime minister…… a lot of difficult questions by journalists last summer.
    a) asked
    b) was asked
    c) was being asked
    7. What time …..your plane…..tomorrow?
    a) will arrive
    b) is arriving
    c) does arrive


  • 1..a) 2. a) 3..a) 4. .a) 5. .a) 6. b)7.c)