Проверьте, правиьтно ли я определила Participle и их функции

  • His books are widely read today by specialists in this field (are read - Participle 1, часть глагола-сказуемого).
    The machine parts lie on a moving platform (moving - Participle 1, определение).
    Repeating his experiments he noticed an interesting regularity (repeating - Participle 1, обстоятельство).
    The first object observed by Galileo through the telescope was the moon (observed - Participle 2, определение).
    When they were looking into the night sky they suddenly saw a falling star (looking - Participle 1, обстоятельство; falling - Participle 1, определение).

  • Read--participle 2, looking --часть сказ.

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