• Помогите с тестом.
    6. “You may take a seat, Mr. Wirthing.” – “Thank you, Lady Blackwell, I prefer_ _____.”
    To stand
    To be stood
    To be standing

    8. I saw Dr. Chasuble___through the garden
    Having come
    Being come
    To came

    10. I think you had better____till Dad arrives
    To wait
    being waited

    12. Mr. Worthing is sure____back soon.
    Would be
    To be

    14. I______the yard when he came up to the door.
    Was crossing
    Had been crossing
    Has been crossing

    32. I don’t know if Mr. Holmes____________time to see you tomorrow.
    Is going to have
    Will have
    Is having

    34. Don’t worry, I_________the phone.
    Am answering
    Will answer
    Am going to answer

    36. Look at those dark clouds. It _________________
    Will rain
    Is going to rain

    38. At midnight I_____by a knock at the door.
    Was woken up
    Was being woken up
    Was heard has woken up
    Had heard woke up

    42. The cake_______delicious.
    Is tasting
    Had taste

    48. When we arrived the whole place was wet from the rain which_______trough the night
    Has been fallen
    Had been fallen
    Had fallen

    52. The boat was due to come at eleven, but it was now one o’clock and it _____________.
    Did not come
    Had not come
    Has not come
    Was not coming

    56. She______to the Oak-Tree House every summer when Aunt Polly was alive but it was long, long ago.
    Was coming
    Used to come
    Has come
    Has been coming

    64. We were informed that the conference______for the next two days.
    Will be going on
    Would be going on
    Would have been going on
    Would have gone on

  • 6. .Standing 8. Coming10. Wait 12. To be 14. Was crossing 32. Will have 34.Will answer 36. Is going to rain 38. Was woken up 42. Tastes 48. Had fallen 52.Did not come 56.Used to come 64. Would be going on

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  • Спасибо))

  • Пункт 6 интересный.
    Я бы дал ответ"I prefer to stand". Если с герундием, то " I prefer to remain standing" или " I prefer standing to sitting on the floor".

  • Да, с prefer и инфинитив и герундий, черт их знает,чего они хотят Надо два оставить вообще. Там из ситуации standing to sitting. Пожалуй, для них лучше инфинитив.