Вопрос к Vera

  • Добрый день Vera.
    Сейчас ровно восемь – It is eight o'clock sharp now.--eight sharp.
    Как я понял вас o'clock не надо.
    На этом сайте надо http://engblog.ru/time-in-english:
    It’s three o’clock. – Три часа.
    It’s three o’clock sharp. – Ровно три часа.
    It’s three o’clock on the dot. – Три часа минута в минуту.
    Я немного запутался.

  • Борь,спрошу,меня учили,что не надо.Напишу потом

  • Говорят,все возможны,как вам нравится.

  • sharp adverb (EXACTLY)

    C1 exactly at the stated time:
    The performance will start at 7.30 sharp.пример из словаря Cambridge

  • ADVERB другой словарь,оксфордский, изучаем примеры.

    1Precisely (used after an expression of time):
    ‘the meeting starts at 7.30 sharp’
    More example sentences
    ‘Miraculously we were ready to leave at seven o'clock sharp each day.’
    ‘The school was a day school as well as a boarding school, so after five, the day pupils were allowed to return home for the night, but they must be back in school by nine sharp the next morning.’
    ‘At 8 p.m. sharp the Fashion Show commenced.’
    ‘Tuesday morning, 8 sharp I was back at the hospital.’
    ‘The next meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 14, at 8pm sharp and will be the annual general meeting.’
    ‘All he told me was that he would come and get me by 3: 00 PM sharp the next day.’
    ‘The parade will come through the town at 3pm sharp with the floats gathering in ARCH at 2pm.’
    ‘Not exactly the 8am sharp time they had indicated in the memo.’
    ‘All players are asked to be at the pitch at 7p.m. sharp.’

  • Спасибо большое Vera. Я тоже накопал.
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    Just one more comment, apropos of your question regarding 8:11 sharp (or any time other than :00 or :30). This is indeed rare, but not impossible. An example can be found in my kids' school schedule. The morning bell rings at 8:48 am. So, in theory, a teacher might say, "School starts at 8:48 sharp."

  • It is 8 sharp=It is 8 o'clock sharp.
    по сути дела это ОДНО И ТО ЖЕ. О чем проблема?

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  • Добрый день Vitalik.
    Проблем нет. Просто, чем больше общаешься, получаешь больше
    информации. Я очень много подчерпнул от вас с Vera.