Ответить на вопросы и написать письмо.

  • Помогите пожалуйста выполнить задание:

    Answer the questions in the plan. Use your answers and your CV to write the letter of application of CV 80-100 words.

    I'm Steve McCartney
    Born in 1995 17.12.
    Miami Beach Mechigan Avenue.
    +1 12345678
    Nationality: American.
    He studied in Estonia, received his secondary education.
    Languages: Russian and English.
    Then the DJ finished courses at the music school.
    Experience working 3 years. I worked in the Anti Gravity company.
    There is an excellent ear, can sing, cheerful, not conflict, creative.

    Who will you address your letter to?
    Introduction (Para-1) reason for writing? For what position? Where was it advertised?

    Main Body (paras2-3)
    Age? qualifications? current job? previous experience? personal qualities?
    Conclusion (para4) closing remarks?
    How will you sign off?